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Our researchers and analysts use reliable primary and secondary sources for research and data. Today I want to share some good news for those users having a BROADCOM WLAN adapter in their machines … Until now we had to build the drivers manually by building the kmod-wl module ourselves. This is not longer necessary, because RPM Fusion now provides an akmod-wl drivers module for RHEL. All we have to do is add/enable some repositories and install the drivers. A big improvement is, that the drivers don’t have to be reinstalled after each major kernel upgrade.

  • Plenty of the offload and other advanced features look nice in theory (and M$ even recommends most), but the reality seems to be that many of them break more than they fix.
  • It’s possible that you’ll need to update your device’s drivers for the most recent version.
  • I don’t see the difference really between using my laptop and verse’s my desktop the only thing that I see that is a difference is the batter monitoring and wireless connection.

It is great if one can provide long term support for the code they write but there is a presumption that people will move on and that someone else has to be able to fill those shoes. It would be great if hardware makers would allow kernel developers who are not in their employ to see hardware specs and docs it is clearly not a hard requirement otherwise b43 wouldn’t exist. There is a long history of drivers being developed without the manufacturers involvement and while the process will be slower and more error prone it is not a show stopper.

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Microsoft to natively include code for supporting every single piece of device out there. This means manufacturers need to create their own ways to make communication possible with the operating system. It is normal, since April 2018 update of Windows 10, to have Memory Integrity/Core Isolation enabled on new installs of Windows operating systems.

Now, both of those stocks have been under intense pressure of late as well, but for different reasons in many ways. If you look at where valuations went for both NVDA and AMD in 2021, both of those were far too high, as it was less about results broadcom Driver Updater at both those companies. However, all three companies are feeling the pain in terms of demand. Given the weakness in the PC market and the uncertainty we face in terms of the economy, Intel had to find a way to cut costs, and they laid out a plan to do just that.

Indeed this is a critical problem as it prevents you from using wireless internet on your device, but at the same time, fixing it is rather easy and quick. If there are no errors, you can restart your computer. The system will boot directly to the latest kernel installed. If you don’t want this, you can specify which kernel the system should boot to by specifying it in the GRUB menu. This compact module is a total solution for a combination of 11ac WiFi 5 technologies. The module is specifically developed for tablets, Tower Speaker, OTT box, and portable devices.


Some of Intel®’s old documentation refers to Intel® EM64T as “64-bit extension technology” or “IA-32e”. Some Intel® Pentium® 4s and Celeron® Ds using the “Prescott” core have EM64T support. See the Intel Processor Spec Finderfor the definitive answer about EM64T support in Intel processors.

You had to issue this command whenever you have to upgrade your current kernel. Then, for my laptop, it just need to reboot PC and it successfully installed on the PC. Please help me to install headers and wlan available to me. Linux-image-686-pae is already the newest version (4.9+79+kali2). I have a linux-headers-686-pae is already the newest version (3.16+63).
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